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Important notice about copyright

Mikkean Photography Copyright Information

All photographic images and prints created by Keely Deuschle (Mikkean Photography & Design) are protected from copying, scanning, reproduction, enhancement or manipulation by under the United States Federal Copyright Laws as well as International Copyright Laws. These Copyright Laws protect photographers by giving the author of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce your photographs. This includes the right to control the making of copies. In other words, it is illegal to DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER, upload to a website or blog, print screen, copy, scan, or reproduce your photographs anywhere without requesting and receiving written permission from Keely Deuschle and payment of a licensing fee or arrangement thereof. This includes not only purchased prints on photographic paper or canvas, but digital images, as well, from our website, blog, online gallery, etc.

All text content, verbiage, and graphics appearing on the www.mikkeanphotography.com web site or our blog, www.mikkeanphotography.blogspot.com, are also the exclusive property of Mikkean Photography & Design and may not be reproduced in any form. These, too, are protected under the Copyright Laws.

By using this website or by accepting your purchased prints, you agree to abide by these Federal Laws.

Anyone found to have violated the Federal Laws will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties as well as hefty fines.

We will try to accomodate all reasonable requests. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us so that we may have the opportunity to serve you better.

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